Red Dog
Karen Jones is an experienced, talented artist who creates dark and beautiful artworks and design led merchandise touched with a modern, thought-provoking twist. Her works are story telling images for the 21st century.

Karen paints with gouache, a rich, dense watercolour which creates her trade mark velvety-flat illustrations. Her unique style and subject matter are a mixture of the real and the other worldly, the mysterious and the macabre. Her delicately rendered images capture the viewer’s imagination taking them on a journey into the literary world of history, literature, folklore and fairytale to discover the darker realms of the adult mind – love and death, possession and jealousy and the lightness of the human spirit. Speaking of an older time but with a modern voice, Karen Jones's designs and artworks are fascinating objects of desire.

With the inspiration of literature, history, a colour palette reminiscent of mediaeval wood-cuts and the influences of artists as diverse as Caxton and Caulfield, Rossetti and Ravilious, Karen Jones's work will capture your imagination with its power, beauty and subtlety. Her fresh, original style, whilst capturing the spirit of our times, retains homage to the past.